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The "top shelf" of all game fish is the bluefin tuna. They are very strong, and elusive. They are the fastest fish out there. Tuna that are over 73" are considered "giants", anything smaller would be called a schoolie or "football". Although both can be fished for at the same time, only one category may be landed. Due to NMFF regulations, landing a giant tuna would require the boat to retain ownership of that fish, however your charter would then be at no charge. Tuna are caught trolling squid bars, swimming plugs, ballyhoo, using live bluefish or pogies. There is nothing like fighting one of these amazing fish, an experience you will long remember! The picture above was a Cape Cod Bay giant tuna, 650 pounds, caught aboard charter boat Osprey 10/14/09.

Striped Bass

The striped bass is one of the most elegant, and sought after of all game fish with its large silver scales and black stripes. Their powerful tail gives them means to put up a good fight, especially that first long hard run. They are also one of the most tasty fish you will ever eat, with a plethora of ways to prepare them. The Cape charter boat Osprey use many methods to fish for bass. Trolling plugs or hoochies is very effective when they have their feed on, although we sometimes make you work for your dinner by having you jig. 2010 showed great action on the surface as well, landing fish up to 48" on surface popping plugs using light spinning tackle.


Pound for pound the bluefish is one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean. They can display some exciting acrobatics while they are fighting you with every flip of their tail. They are fast and have razor sharp teeth and will keep you fighting till' the very end. They often can be caught using surface plugs, and can be a fun challenge to catch on light tackle.


The most common shark in our waters is the blue shark. Although we generally release these sharks, they are fun to catch as they can grow to over 14 feet in length and weigh over 400 lb's. Ideally, we would fish for mako sharks. These fish are so fast and aggressive it is common for them to go airborne once hooked. They are very very tasty as well. Other sharks we may catch would include the thresher and pore beagle.


Cod and haddock are ground fish. We catch these by either jigging or using bait like clams or squid. They can be at depths anywhere from100-300 feet. These fish have made quite the comeback with increasing numbers being seen each year. We will continue to watch the numbers increase by enforcing strict hook and size restrictions.


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